A longer version of this doc is available at pelegri.github.io/lahacks


Progress Software


Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart @pelegri, pelegri@calterra.com, epelegri@progress.com, epelegrillopart.w@gmail.com


Node.js + IOT ( + Rollbase)

Lending Library Resources

Qualcom Gimbal Series 10, RadBeacons, Pebble, Philips Hue

Judging Rules:

Hacks will be judged on originality, technical difficulty, and applicability.
Extra points will be awarded if your hack leverages one of Pacific’s services, but that is not necessary.


All teams that “complete” their hack can keep their Qualcom Gimbals

1st prize is a iPad mini retina
2nd prize is the Pebble or the Philips Hue SDK