All Open Source Components known to work with BlackBerry 10

EXPERIMENTAL - This page explores one approach to combine information on onDevice, Official and Community components in a single place so they are easy to search.

This page contains several tables covering all components known to work with BlackBerry 10 devices, generated from a JSON file. Also see All Repos and All Samples.

There are components.

Components are classified as being OnDevice (and white-listed, thus being useable), Official and Community. The OnDevice and Official ports are also listed in the BlackBerry NDK microsite, which also includes many non-Open Source libraries.

The table uses the following tooltips: T, ?, and !,

On Device Components

The BlackBerry NDK microsite has the authoritative list for all components ondevice - open source or not - that are exposed plus the official ports of open source components.

Non Open Source Components

Libraries include:

Audio, Audio Manager, BlackBerry Data Access, BlackBerry Device Info, BlackBerry Multimedia, BlackBerry Platform Service, BlackBerry Push, BBM Social Platform, BlackBerry System, Bluetooth, Camera, Cascades, Client Server Messaging, Clipboard, Context, Counters, File Picker, Fonts, Gestures, Gettext, Geo Search, Glview, IDS, image rendering, Input events, LBS Core Services, iType, Liquid Graphics Monitor, Math, Multimedia Renderer, Near Field Communication, PackageInfo, PIM, PlayReady, Scoreloop, Screen and Windowing API, Security Builder, Security Builder Engine for OpenSSL, Sensor, Socket, Spellcheck, String Patter, Slogger2, Universal Compression Library, WiFi, WordType Layout Engine, World Magnetic Model, XMP.

Open Source Components

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Commercial Frameworks include:

FMOD, Marmalade, ShiVa3D, and Unity3D through Union

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